To the editor:

Should our schools reopen?

I’m sure that is the $64,000 quarter everyone is searching for the answer to. But there really is no correct answer. With the drastic increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19, how can we justify the opening of our schools?

Our president and governor want schools to reopen to help the economy. But yet, they threaten to withhold the federal and state tax money that was already budgeted if they don’t reopen. I have to wonder how much the revenue of this money along with the money that sports bring into the school’s funds are playing a part of our school board and school administrators’ decision to open our schools.

I have no children in school, but I do have young great-grandchildren enrolled. I worry about their safety as well as that of the teachers and other employees.

How are you going to keep a mask on a child all day? We know from when we were kids that is going to be impossible. And of course, the teens are just like we were at that age. They know it all, and just like us they will learn the hard way that they were wrong.

Even the social distancing and keeping hands clean will be a problem. Trying to keep social distancing on buses and keeping them germ-free is going to be complicated. Even with alternating days and class sizes, this would be hard to do.

The question still remains, what is more important, the health and safety of the children and school employees or the money the schools might miss out on?

Personally, I believe our schools should remain closed, with all fall and winter sports canceled. It’s time to let the parents decide what is the best for their children.

Who knows more about this nasty virus, the politicians and school administrators and school boards or the science and medical personnel? Who do you trust?

Mike Wright