To the editor:

Reading the article about drive-in diplomas it gave me some things to ponder.

This year had been one for the record books. As such, the 2020 graduating class will have the distinction of being the only class, in history, to graduate from any Jay County High school in the manner that is planned. They will be able to tell friends, family, kids, grandchildren and others about the Great 2020 Drive-in Graduation.

To me, it seems that the students are being very mature and responsible in their attitude and actions, considering what is happening right now.

The school administration (local and state), teachers, Jay County Health Department, school board, law enforcement and others have come up with a unique, well thought out alternative plan in what could have been a nightmare for the 2020 graduating class.

We have been kept informed of the situation by The CR and WPGW. It is very fortunate for a community this size to have a newspaper and radio station of their qualities. 

Of course, when the other suggestions were put forth by the students, one of which included the Jay County band, I thought it was a very worthwhile suggestion. Now I am biased in my thoughts on this because of the fact that my wife, daughter and one granddaughter were all members of the band at one point in their lives.

Larger town and cities may not have the advantage of a smaller community to be as successful as I feel Jay County will be.

All of this just makes me proud to be a resident of Jay County. It is a very nice feeling the way many things in the county have come together to work out this problem until it goes away.

Too many times, Portland and Jay County have been described as just a small, rural community. Well, I am proud to be a member of this community.

Thanks to anyone who helps in the elimination of a very serious situation.

Charles Tague