To the editor:

With all the coronavirus stuff going around, I can understand the need for privacy for the family.

But I disagree with that theory from one angle. There is one point we are not considering here.

What about the safety of the rest of us, who may or may not have been exposed to that person but need to know where in the community they had visited. Did they visit a business in town to pay a bill? Or buy groceries? Maybe visit an older friend, not realizing that even though they were not feeling quite their usual self, maybe what they were coming down with would spread unknowingly to those they visited?

Maybe it would be better for the rest of us to know if we had been to some of the same places, so we could watch for signs of illness coming on, sooner, so we could understand we had been there too and pay more attention and avoid bing those same places.

I understand people working in stores or offices that want to close those places temporarily and not be exposed to something as serious and deadly as this.

I wouldn’t want to single out people who then became ill and had unknowingly spread this thing around.

Should we be considering this, or is this the best we can do?

Thanks for listening.

Verna Loper