To the editor:

I have a step-granddaughter to be who just got her license and degree as a trauma respiratory therapist last year. I don't have the luxury of burying my head in the sand.

I was upstairs recently in my old home built in 1866 and came across a few of my grandfather's World War II ration books. Now that truly drove home the point of real sacrifice.

He couldn't get meat, dairy, eggs, tires or gasoline without using a coupon out of a ration booklet.

Issued by? Yup, you guessed it, that there evil government that's forcing you into a mask mandate.

Imagine that.

He endured more than four years of that, and no complaining. Yet, I see full grown adults throwing temper tantrums over being asked to don a face covering just long enough to grab a few groceries.

It's shameful and ridiculous how entitled we've become as a society when we're too self-absorbed to care about someone else's health and well being, for something as simple as a mere mask.

No one is telling you that you cannot have the products you want. They are just asking folks to simply be, uh, the tiniest bit considerate.



James D. Fulks III