To the editor:

Many years ago as a child, I can remember people talking about this or that as being “catching.”

Chicken pox was catching. A bad cold was catching.

For some reason, that word always made me cringe a little. Watch out, it’s catching.

This virus is catching. It moves fast. If you don’t stay at home and only go out if you have to, it won’t catch you as easily, but it still may catch you. People have the virus who seem sick, look sick and will lie to you and say, “Oh, I’m not sick.”

So, this virus is evil. It lies and it works fast when there is an opening. It will catch you without a flinch or a warning. You won’t even know when it happens. It is evil.

The virus will get you if you don’t watch out. it’s like the Gobble-uns in the famous James Whitcomb Riley poem. If you let your guard down, they will get you if you don’t watch out. They will catch you!

We know what these goblin look like too. How may times have you seen the picture of the virus on TV? It’s round, green and has pointy red protrusions all over it.

It’ll gitccha if ya don’t watch out! This virus is catching and it’s evil.

There are a lot of things beside the virus that are catching.

Worry is catching. Stress is catching. Negativity is catching. Boredom is catching.

Think of all the times that you didn’t want to get out of bed and go to work or school. Think of how you have longed for time at home to sort, throw away, move furniture around, spring clean without rushing or just plain sit in a comfy place and watch out the window.

All of those things are within your grasp right now while you are “stuck at home.”

Don’t let any of those Gobble-uns in there with you.

Cindy Giltner