To the editor:

Xi Chapter, Delta Theta Tau, Portland, would like to thank the many individuals that participated in the success of Xi Chapter’s 35th annual Delts’ Holiday Crafts & Gifts Show.

The support, cooperation and understanding of the administrators, faculty and staff at Jay County High School make this event possible. Thank you.

Very special thank you to all of the following: to each custodian who was a part of the Friday evening set-up, which is consuming for them and upsets their regular routine and schedule, but “requires” them to be willing to help us out with many issues; to each custodian that was a part of the show on Saturday, you helped with each situation that came up before, during the show and clean-up; the students that helped mark and tape booths Thursday and Friday; the swim teams and coach Matt Slavik; the wrestling team and coach Eric Myers and all other coaches; the girls basketball team and coach Sherri McIntire; student council members and sponsors Zach Keller, Katie Clark and Krista Wellman; band students; students doing senior service hours; our Tri Kappa sisters, our Delta sisters from Redkey and Dunkirk; and all other groups or individuals that helped in any way. Their hard work is greatly appreciated and necessary.

A sincere thank you to the Jay County Sheriff’s Office reserves and officers.

Thank you to Santa for taking his time to visit the show.

We value all our participating dealers. They participate by displaying their arts, crafts and gift items, by renting booth space and tables, buying raffle tickets and purchasing food items. Also, thank you for your generosity of donations for the drawing. The dealers’ participation play a valuable part in our giving back. Thank you.

Our show would not be the success it is without the patronage and enthusiasm of our community and surrounding communities. Your support makes it possible to give back to those needing a helping hand. Thank you. Also, the local businesses that you visit in Jay County that day appreciate your support.

We would like to congratulate Linda Keller for winning the 50/50 raffle.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge and praise each of our Delta sisters. Without each of you and your commitment to Delta Theta Tau, the Holiday Crafts and Gifts Show would not exist. The rewards that we receive are many. Each time we are able to extend a helping hand to someone, we realize how significant and satisfying all the work, tired muscles and hours of planning are to our community. It is our time to give back, and this event makes that possible. The realization that the success of this event has enabled Xi Chapter to give back over $600,000 in the last 35 years is overwhelming and fills our hearts with pride.

We extend a sincere thank you to each of our sisters who are associate members or members-at-large that are willing to help by volunteering their time, providing baked goods or donations.

And to our families, we could not survive without your understanding, encouragement and your hard work. You are there to do anything that we ask. And we ask so much of you. The show would not be possible or be as successful without you.

If you helped in any way and we forgot to mention you, we sincerely apologize. But, please know that it takes many helping hands to achieve the success of this event and, in turn, allows Xi Chapter, Delta Theta Tau, to give back to our community.

Thank you.


Linda Ashman

Xi Chapter

Delta Theta Tau