It’s always easy to complain about the Indiana Department of Transportation.

We’ve done it ourselves.

So it’s only fair to acknowledge when INDOT gets something right.

And that’s the new flashing stop signs at the perpetually dangerous intersections of Indiana 26 and Indiana 1.

For those who have forgotten their Jay County geography, westbound travelers on Indiana 26 have to stop at Indiana 1, then make a right turn to the north and travel less than half a mile before making a left turn to the west. Eastbound travelers have to make the same sort of jog.

But for years, that connection has been the sight of numerous accidents.

Just ask the folks at Hickory Grove Church. It’s become almost a matter of routine for eastbound trucks and cars to miss the stop at Indiana 1 and come to a stop perilously close to the church.

INDOT’s solution has been to install the same sort of flashing stop signs that Jay County has installed at a couple of intersections on county road 200 South.

Small solar panels provide the electricity to keep the signs flashing.

The net effect is that no drivers — unless asleep or seriously impaired — can miss the stop sign as they approach.

Such signs aren’t cheap, but they make local travel significantly safer.

And for that we can say, “Thanks INDOT.” — J.R.