To the editor:

With motorcycles being on the road more frequently, debris on the road is a real hazard.

Indiana Code makes leaving debris in a roadway illegal except for some exemptions, such as livestock transport or certain maintenance vehicles. All other debris is against the law.

The obvious is trash. But mowed grass being shot on the road is also against the law and punishable by a fine of up to $500.

While it is difficult to know who is at fault when we see fast food bags, etc., in the road, with grass clippings it is real obvious where to place the blame.

To a motorcycle driver, grass on the road is similar to ice on the road for a car.

The depositing of grass on the road in Jay County (and Indiana) is getting out of hand. I witnessed the other day a person mowing at the southwest corner of Meridian and Seventh streets in Portland, shooting grass over halfway across the road. Not only is the grass dangerous, a mower can also shoot foreign objects at vehicles driving by.

In a request to persons mowing, be considerate of road traffic and either bag the clippings or shoot grass away from the road for the first few rounds. 

I don’t know about others, but I can’t afford a $500 fine.

Dave Bowers

Jay County