To the editor:

On Tuesday night, a strong storm passed through Dunkirk, disrupting many residents and causing a lot of damage to many tents set up on Main Street for Glass Days.

One man was injured and many people were traumatized during this event.

Where was Mayor Gene Ritter during this event and the following day?

Who really knows?

Wednesday morning, councilman Jack Robbins and the city employees were hard at work erecting a new tent for the Glass Days Committee and offering help wherever needed.  The Glass Days Committee works year round to put together this event and when they needed their “leader” he was AWOL.

Gene was available for a comment to the paper but was nowhere to be found when he could have offered help, advice or even consolation to the city’s event planners.

Dunkirk residents: It’s time for a change in leadership of the city. We need someone who will put the city first and be there at the challenging times, and not just to take credit for the good (of which there has been very little under Gene’s leadership).

I for one will be voting for Jack Robbins as the new Mayor of Dunkirk.

Dan Watson