To the editor:

I would like to thank the chamber vendors and all involved in the Jay County  Chamber of Commerce Food and Drink Festival.

This was my first time attending, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. What is there not to like about food, drink and a little friendly competition?

I was a little skeptical at the beginning because of the number of vendors, but they all brought multiple items to try. I wasn’t able to try everything, but I had a nice filling “meal.”

Every item that I sampled was enjoyable. Obviously some things were better than others, but nothing that I sampled was bad. 

I would say it opened my eyes to some items available at different vendors. I found some things I liked that I may not have ordered in the restaurant.

Wouldn’t/shouldn’t that be considered mission accomplished?

I enjoyed the format of the event. You picked out your own food. You tried what you wanted to try, and there was plenty to get more if you really enjoyed it — $15, all you could eat and drink, besides beer being extra.

The trivia was fun. That was one of the things that drew me in.

The crowd was decent, but there was plenty of room for more. People may not think much about buying tickets ahead of time, but that would really help the venue organize seating and give the vendors an idea of how much to bring.

Grab some friends, buy some tickets, support the community and have some fun.

Thank you to all involved, and a special thanks to our latecomer trivia helper.

Daniel Johnson