To the editor:

Can you believe the insanity and turmoil that is going on in our government today?

I don’t care what party you stand for, we should all be ashamed of how the elected officials, the ones that we voted in, are conducting themselves.

When a Democratic Party that is ruling over our House of Representatives has gotten away with so much corruption in the past eight years, maybe more than eight years, but has now gotten out of control, that they feel invincible. That they feel that they can do anything and get by with it (and they have), I am ashamed of the people who have failed us, who could have gotten this country straightened back up and restored to a nation under God have failed to do so.

It is time to forget party affiliation and think of a nation’s survival. I never though I would see the day that a ruling party would stand up and publicly announce that they are now the “Democratic Socialist Party” — Democrats proudly waving the banner of socialism. The average person, voting for them, did not know that, I am sure, or they never would have voted for them.

And the rules of this party are blackballing and threatening any honest Democrat who dares to think or do anything that would agree with the opposing party; that would help to make and keep America, a nation of and for the people. Open your eyes and check this out for yourself.

Nancy Pelosi said she and her party would oppose anything and everything that the Trump administration wanted to do, no cooperation ever. Those are her words, not mine. Sowing division and strife, not unity.

I hope and pray that the good people in the Democratic Party will look into this themselves and realize what is happening here and will stand up against such action of division and vote out every one of them that go along with her agenda and support those who are willing to stand for the values of a united party that is fighting for what is right and for a united nation — working together to get our house in order, before it is too late. A house divided will not stand.

Wake up people and stand for what you know is right. Godly people everywhere have to unite and take a stand and pray and support a president (no matter what party he got elected by) who is restoring prayer and religious freedom for Christianity, a nation that was formed being “one nation under God.” This may be our last chance to get America back to the people and to be blessed by God.

Brenda Fennig

Rural Union City in Jay County