Ashlynn May (left) showed the grand champion wether.
Ashlynn May (left) showed the grand champion wether.
It was a Heitkamp and May affair at the 4-H Dairy Goat Show on July 14 at the Jay County Fair.

Erika Heitkamp showed the grand champion doe while her cousin Rachel had the reserve grand champion doe. Ashlynn May showed the grand champion wether.

The Byrums cleaned up the showmanship award with Mitchel winning beginner and junior honors and Griffon winning the intermediate award.

Victoria Kunk won the senior showmanship award while Rachel Heitkamp was deemed the master showman this year.

Other results were:


Senior doe

Class 1

1. Joseph Kunk

2. Ashlynn May

3. Victoria Kunk

4. Chloe Byrum

5. Ava May

6. Jenna Bricker

Class 2

1. Joseph Kunk

2. Victoria Kunk

3. Mitchel Byrum

4. Allie Westfall

5. Jacob Wangler

6. Bretton Basford

Champion senior doe: Joseph Kunk

Reserve champion senior doe: Joseph Kunk

Dry yearling doe

1. Joseph Kunk

2. Victoria Kunk

3. Griffon Byrum

4. Chloe Byrum

Champion dry yearling doe: Joseph Kunk

Reserve dry yearling doe: Victoria Kunk

Champion dry goat: Joseph Kunk

Reserve dry goat: Joseph Kunk

Milking yearling doe

1. Erika Heitkamp

2. Rachel Heitkamp

3. Kelsey Muhlenkamp

4. Alex Artizzone

Milking doe 2-4 years

1. Erika Heitkamp

2. Erika Heitkamp

3. Chloe Byrum

4. Victoria Kunk

5. Joseph Kunk

Milking doe over 4

1. Rachel Heitkamp

2. Joseph Kunk

Champion mother-daughter dairy doe: Rachel Heitkamp

Reserve champion mother-daughter doe: Joseph Kunk

Grand champion milking doe: Erika Heitkamp

Reserve champion milking doe: Rachel Heitkamp

Grand champion dairy doe: Erika Heitkamp

Reserve champion dairy doe: Rachel Heitkamp


Class 1

1. Ty Paxson

2. Stanley Muhlenkamp

Class 2

1. Madi Paxson

2. Regina Muhlenkamp

Class 3

1. Carter Rockwood

2. Tim Muhlenkamp

3. Rachel Heitkamp

4. Ty Paxson

5. Allie Westfall

6. Jenna Bricker

Class 4

1. Raquel Wehrly

2. Carter Rockwood

3. Audrey May

4. Bretton Basford

5. Audrey May

6. Gabi Paxson

Class 5

1. Ashlynn May

2. Ashlynn May

3. Ava May

4. Erika Heitkamp

Class 6

1. Joseph Kunk

2. Austin May

3. Victoria Kunk

4. Jacob Wangler

Grand champion dairy wether: Ashlynn May

Reserve grand champion dairy wether: Joseph Kunk


Beginner: Mitchel Byrum

Junior: Mitchel Byrum

Intermediate: Griffon Byrum

Senior: Victoria Kunk

Master: Rachel Heitkamp