It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was warm and sunny. Almost all of the spring flowers were in their full glory. Those that weren't will bloom soon.

We got some much needed household projects done and others begun.

The Texas bunch is doing well. Oldest granddaughter, Emma, has taken up sewing. She is made a corset for herself. Now, that was the last thing I expected. It would look right at home at a Renaissance Festival. Now she is attempting to create a blouse to go under it. She is having trouble figuring out how to attach the sleeves to the bodice. I'm sure she can tune in to YouTube for an answer.

Her mom, Beth, was telling one of her coworkers about this and the coworker said she has been trying to sell an embroidery machine but hadn't gotten any takers. She offered to give it to Emma at no charge. I am assuming that future or maybe current projects will be embellished with the aid of the new machine.

Meanwhile, her brothers are well into baseball season. Jacob, the older of the two, has become a great pitcher while Nicholas is a catcher. They have either practice or a game almost every night.

Jacob spends any spare time he has at the creek. He had requested a crawdad trap for his birthday. I doubt if he has caught anything yet. That creek is located on an undeveloped lot just down from his house. That is the same creek that has the 100-foot drop and alligators and bigfoot living in the culvert. I have never seen any deadly beasts in the culvert. Then again, the 100-foot drop features a tree spanning the width of the creek. The tree is only about three or four feet from the bottom of the creek. Who knows, perhaps the creek and culvert are magic. Perhaps our way of measuring distance is wrong and it really is a 100-foot drop between the tree and the creek bottom. If the property ever sells the boys will be devastated. Then, again, they are growing up so fast that the creek may lose its allure.

All was going well until I checked in with a former coworker. He is still struggling with the after-effects of COVID. I was expecting to hear how much better he felt and that he was slowly gaining his strength and stamina back. He is feeling better but it is a very slow process.

Then he typed words that I hadn't expected. He said that our boss, Jack Ronald, had passed away. I was shocked. I knew he was battling a tough illness. Even so, I wasn't prepared to hear that he was gone. He was the best boss I ever had. I think what shook me up the most is that my husband is only three or four months younger than Jack was.

We all know that we will die. Few of us believe it. Even if we know the end is in sight, we still believe that there is always tomorrow. For some of us tomorrow will come and we will not be here.

He will be missed.