Jay County voters will make their selections Tuesday.

Local voters will have primary election choices on the Republican side of the ballot in races for nominations for Jay County Sheriff, Jay County Commissioner in the middle district and Jay County Auditor, as well as for state representative in districts 33 and 79.

No Democratic nominations are contested in Jay County.

Candidates in contested GOP races are as follows:

Jay County Sheriff — Tony Lennartz, Ray Newton and Patrick Wells

Jay County Commissioner — Chad Aker and Bryan Alexander

Jay County Auditor — Emily Franks and Kristi Morningstar

State representative District 33 — J.D. Prescott and Brittany Kloer

State representative District 79 — Matt Lehman and Russ Mounsey

Redkey Town Council (two nominations) — Dave Dudelston, Chance Retter and Floyd Life

All three candidates for sheriff come with experience in the department. Newton, who now works for IU Health Jay, was a longtime sheriff’s office employee and served two terms as sheriff from 2007 through 2014. Wells has been with the sheriff’s office since 2003 and Lennartz has worked there since 2007.

Aker is in his first term as commissioner representing the middle district. Alexander is a former school board member. Both are Portland residents.

Franks has worked in the auditor’s office since 2014. Morningstar is making her first run for public office. (Incumbent Anna Culy could not seek re-election because of term limits.)

Prescott, a real estate agent and farmer, is seeking his third term in office in District 33, which now represents Noble, Wayne, Greene, Knox, Richland, Jefferson, Pike and Madison townships in Jay County. Kloer is a former Jay County High School teacher who now is director of the Area 18 Career and Technical Education Cooperative. The race is a rematch from 2020, when Prescott won with 69% of the vote.

Lehman, an insurance agent from Berne, is seeking his eighth term in office representing District 79, which now includes Penn, Jackson, Bearcreek and Wabash townships in Jay County. Mounsey, an Ossian police officer, is making his first run for office.

Candidates for nominations for Pennville Town council are Republicans Alicia Corwin and Branda Manns, and Democrat Millie Ellis.

Republicans who are uncontested are the primary are incumbent Travis Holdman for state senator in District 19, incumbent Robin Alberson for assessor, Randy May for county council (District 1), incumbent Harold Towell for county council (District 2), Melanie Upp for recorder, incumbent Faron Parr for county council (District 3) and Cindy Bracy for county council (District 4).

Uncontested Democrats in the primary are “Watermellon” Jim Phillips for sheriff, Joel Bowers for commissioner in the middle district, incumbent Wes Schemenaur for prosecutor, John Bartlett for state representative in District 33, incumbent Ted Champ for Jay County Council (District 1) and Kelly Stipp for county council (District 2).

All township trustee candidates are uncontested. They are: Republicans James Brewster (Wayne), Angela Moeller (Jefferson), Steven Cash (Penn), Virginia Cline (Noble), Rex Pinkerton (Jackson), Jason Rosenbeck (Wabash), Jenny Cline-Wagner (Knox) and Scott Hilfiker (Madison), and Democrats Nancy Cline (Greene), David Champ (Richland) and Crystal Laux (Bearcreek).

Township advisory board candidates are as follows:

Republicans — Tammy Horn, Scott Coy and Jeff Alberson in Pike, Kathy Mosser; Matt Caster and Terry Rigby in Jackson; Janet Confer in Jefferson, Ronald Paxson in Penn; Dennis Rodgers and Joelle Rinker in Knox; Jeff Overholser, Emily Daugherty and Eldon Campbell in Noble; Greg Shreeve in Madison; and Carrie Shaneyfelt, Michelle Jones, Michael Shreeve and Phillip Zarate in Salamonia.

Democrats — Richard Nixon in Jefferson; Robert Bailey, Alvin Cassel, Don Whitenack and Billy Bailey in Greene; Gary Glogas and Joseph Lloyd in Richland; and Shelli Rigsbee and James Haffner in Bearcreek.

Candidates for Democratic precinct committeeman are Brett Darby (Wayne 1), Bart Darby (Wayne 2), Nancy Cline (Greene), James Phillips (Redkey) and Fred Bailey (Wayne 7).

Running for Republican state convention delegate are Jenae Blasdel, Jon Eads, Matt Goldsworthy, Lenny Muhlenkamp, Michael Brewster, Jeff Hopkins, Missy Elliott, James C. Phillips, Amy Schilchter, Chad Schlichter, Ilze Koch, Carrie Petro and Oakland Gaerke. Running for Democratic state convention delegate are Fred Bailey and James Phillips.