New tiles are being installed at Portland Water Park.

Once they’re sealed, they’ll need about three weeks to cure.

It’ll take at least another three weeks for park employees to get the pool ready to open.

Portland Park Board heard an update Thursday about the pool’s projected open date and awarded bids for putting new metal roofs on buildings at Weiler-Wilson Park and Runkle-Miller Field at Portland Memorial Park.

Blakely’s of Indianapolis has removed the old tiles and is in the process of installing the new tiles, explained street and parks superintendent Tom Leonhard.

He noted the company will need mostly clear weather — it can’t install tiles when it’s raining — in order to complete the job. (Rain is expected through the weekend, and there’s another chance of showers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.)

“It’s still all dependent on the weather when they’ll be done,” said Leonhard.

After installation, the tiles need to cure for 21 days before water can be put in the pool. Matt Shauver of the parks department noted he’ll need to begin preparing the facility following the cure time. The process includes a variety of tasks, such as pressure washing, filling the pool and testing the filtration system. He estimated the process will take at least three weeks, depending on help available and test results.

Park board’s plan is still to open the pool by July 4. (The traditional opening day has been Memorial Day weekend, though that changed during the coronavirus pandemic.)

Applications also remain open for the position of pool manager. Hopes are to hire someone for the full-time position by the end of May.

In other news, park board members Brian Ison, Glen Bryant and John McFarland, absent Shauna Runkle and Michael Brewster, awarded a $15,000 project to Goodhew’s Roofing Service of Ridgeville for installing new standing seam metal roofs on the dugouts, concession stand and restroom building at Weiler-Wilson Park. They also awarded a $10,950 bid to Hatzell Bros. Standing Seam Solutions to install standing seam roofs and metal exteriors to dugouts at Runkle-Miller Field in Portland Memorial Park.

Ison noted both jobs would cost about $1,000 more than the park board has available in the fund it planned to use for the projects.

“We understand that these are big ticket, money items. So we know this is about the extent of our big purchases this year,” said Shauver.

Ison reminded the board it has between $18,000 and $19,000 in economic development funds left from Bitter Ridge Wind Farm. (Jay County Commissioners gave $100,000 to Portland — they also allotted $100,000 to Dunkirk and $50,000 to Redkey, Salamonia, Pennville and Bryant — for what most communities are using for parks or recreational work. Portland Park Board used just under $79,000 of its amount for the new tiles at Portland Water Park.) He added the board should reserve some of those remaining funds in case more is needed for the pool as well as for matching funds to pursue a grant through The Portland Foundation.

Park board decided to move forward with the projects and supply the remaining roughly $1,100 using its economic development monies.

In other business, park board:

•Were reminded there are security cameras at Haynes Park. Shauver noted on April 25 vandals removed paper towels from the dispenser in the restrooms and put them into the fireplace at the center pavilion. The action left large pieces of ash around the area. A cigarette was also found jammed in the towel dispenser, which was ripped off the wall. Police found the minor responsible and have banned them from the parks for two months.

•Heard Ison has received one bid at $60,000 from CXT Buildings for a restroom building to be constructed at Runkle-Miller Field. He noted he’ll pursue one or two more bids and will be applying for a grant through The Portland Foundation for the project.

•Gave permission to Shauver to ask Dave Weesner to roll the Pee Wee Football field at least two times for roughly $350. Chet Franks of the pee wee football program explained the field was recently used by community members while wet, causing large ruts in the ground. Shauver agreed to put up signs that say not to play on the field when it is wet.

•Learned a deteriorating yellow shed at Runkle-Miller Park will be removed next week, before the Portland Rockets’ home opener May 22.

•Discussed creating liability forms for organized sports and recreational activity organizations at the parks. The board will likely take action on the matter at its next meeting June 7.