REDKEY — The town marshal has resigned, leaving Redkey without any police officers.

Jay County Sheriff’s Office will be filling in the gaps until at least one new officer is hired.

Todd Miller, Redkey town marshal, turned in his letter of resignation Monday. Paired with the vacant second-shift position and recent resignation of former deputy marshal Tim Fishbaugh, the town now has no officers in its police department.

Although his resignation is not effective immediately, he’s taking his remaining vacation time off until his official departure early June.

Redkey Town Council president Erik Hammers explained Tuesday that council is actively looking to hire another police officer as soon as possible. Council members are consulting with town attorney Wes Schemenaur for how to move forward with the process quickly.

“There is definitely action being taken,” said Hammers. “We’re in limbo, but we’re doing the best with the time we have.”

Jay County Sheriff Dwane Ford confirmed this morning his department is temporarily fielding calls — mostly emergencies — from the town.

“We’re not going to let the people in Redkey go without law enforcement,” said Ford.

An officer will also be on standby in the area during Thursday’s town council meeting, if needed.

Redkey previously employed three officers — one for each shift. It has been short an officer since November and down another following Fishbaugh’s resignation in late April.

“It’s been me working alone, and I kinda had the same expectations as three officers did,” explained Miller on Tuesday.

In his resignation letter, he mentioned a high turnover at the department, noting eight full-time deputies have worked there during his time as town marshal.

“The Town Board’s failure to provide these officers with satisfactory working conditions and pay is the reason officers have sought employment elsewhere,” said Miller in the letter.

He cited multiple reasons, including the department’s lack of a take-home vehicle policy, no overtime pay or retirement fund, and high-costing family plan insurance.

“Sadly, there is no incentive to come here or stay here,” he said in the letter.

Miller added he also has disagreements with some of Redkey council’s expectations. He cited a lack of attention to the staffing issue for being the reason the department has been understaffed for months.

Miller has accepted a position with Jay County Probation Office, and his start date is set in June.

“I really enjoyed the people of Redkey,” he said. “It is kind of bittersweet, but I’ve got a lot of better opportunities … sometimes another opportunity knocks, and you have to take advantage of that.”