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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Indianapolis Colts

With the Indianapolis Colts sitting at 3-4, how will they finish the regular season?


  • Redkey woman missing
    A Redkey woman was reported missing, Jay County Sheriff’s Office announced this afternoon.
  • Jay Co. rate is 4.4 percent
    While Jay County’s unemployment rate has shown a negative trend over the past year, Adams and Wells counties are among the best in the state.
  • Dunkirk passes budget
    DUNKIRK — The city’s 2017 budget passed Monday with changes that were made earlier this month.
  • Tox Away numbers drop
    The new site for a local recycling event got rave reviews, but numbers were down significantly from 2015.
  • County gets insurance relief
    Last week, Jay County Commissioners heard insurance rates for county employees with Anthem were set to hold steady for next year.
  • It may be impossible to overstate the importance of the grant awarded last week to the Jay-Blackford Manufacturing Council.
  • To the editor: This is in response to Steve Erwin’s Oct. 20 letter to the editor in which he indicates that Hillary Clinton and Evan Bayh are anti-gun.
  • Sometimes in politics, it’s helpful to have a dictionary around.
  • To the editor: The Jay County Historical Society is proud of the progress made this year and wishes to thank the community for its support.
  • To the editor: In the past few weeks, several letters to the editor and editorials have appeared in The Commercial Review concerning traffic on U.S. 27 (Meridian Street) in downtown Portland.
JCHS girls locker room
The Jay County High School girls locker room, which has not been renovated since the building opened in 1975, is now slated for remodeling during summer 2017.
Engine on Display
For Dave Anger, restoring the 1914 H.P. Reid Engine owned by he and his father, Larry, was a "life-long dream."


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