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Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Gov 2017

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb visited Jay County last week. What issues would you most like to see him address in his first year?


  • Winner seventh at state
    INDIANAPOLIS — He was the first freshman in school history to make it there.
  • Seasons end for Jay, SA
    After picking up a couple of No. 1 seeds Thursday, the Starfires were hoping to be able pick up a state berth. The Patriots knew they were facing an uphill climb in the team standings. Both had their seasons come to an end Saturday.
  • Medal Winner
    INDIANAPOLIS — After the buzzer sounded, Mason Winner got up, clapped his hands a few times and went back to the center of the mat.
  • Indians outlast Minster in 4 OTs
    FORT RECOVERY — Caleb Martin didn’t score a bunch. His teammates Micaiah Cox and Payton Jutte did most of the work.
  • Magic fades vs. Norwell
    The Patriots have had their fair share of magic at home this year.
  • In the last few years, there’s been much discussion about the number of manufacturing and other blue collar jobs that have been lost to outsourcing, enabled by free trade agreements like NAFTA. Though that topic certainly deserves discussion, I think another aspect of the job loss equation is being left out.
  • To the editor: This year, payday lenders have put heavy pressure on our lawmakers to give them a new carve-out in state statute.
  • The return address on the envelope was baffling.
  • Probably no aspect of local government is as misunderstood as the county council.
  • To the editor: We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the benefit for Melissa Fifer-Campofiore family a success.
Third House Session
State Sen. Travis Holdman (R-Markle) and Rep. Greg Beumer (R-Modoc) speak held a Third House Session on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017, in Portland.
Brassissimo! at Arts Place
Brassissimo! trumpet ensemble plays a medley of "Hark! The Hearald Angels Sing!" and "Deck the Halls" on Dec. 7, 2016, during the MusicWorks Holiday Ensemble Concert at Arts Place.


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